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just a quick pictureless post…

just a quick pictureless post…

…to say that I’m at the office today but then have a few days off to work on blog designs. Yay! The past couple weeks has been a bit chaotic with extra hours at both of my regular jobs. Definitely not complaining about extra hours but it’ll be nice to be able to focus on design stuff for a few days. I got a lot done over the weekend and I’m waiting on final approvals for a couple blogs to finish them up as well as a few that I’m hoping to send out tonight but I’m thinking with 3 whole days to play I could take on 1 or 2 more orders. I know I have that new blog for posting about this design stuff but I thought I’d give my regular blog readers a heads up that I’ve got a couple spots open and that after those I’ll be adjusting my pricing for future orders. I’d like to find a balance where I keep busy enough but not so busy that I can’t give each blog the attention that I’d like to. Sooo, if you’ve been thinking about doing a little blog remodeling you can fill out the questionnaire here. Not sure exactly what the new pricing will be yet but it will likely be a bit more of an a la carte type pricing. We’ll see.

Kay, back to work so I can get out at 5. If I take a break from designing maybe I’ll get a picture of my new LONG overdue haircut and fresh color. I have never appreciated a cut so much in my life.  Oh, and if you have girls check out Melody’s blog tomorrow for a drawing.  :)

Oooh, and I finally figured out how to add the links for RSS feeds. They’re over there on the right at the top of the page. :)

Wow is this hard for me to post without a single picture. Kills me. LOL Maybe I can make it up with new tunes to listen to while blogging. I’ll have those up here shortly. :)

PS: Anyone gonna watch the Bachelor tonight? I’m still routin’ for DeAnna by the way. I must’ve missed whatever Lisa didn’t like about her.  Can’t wait to see who he picks. And have any of you seen the new VH1 show called The Shot? I just caught it for the first time yesterday and I’m already hooked. :)


  1. Kate Mefford says:

    Lurve the bachelor. Need to sit down and program the Tivo to find The Shot. Looks so fun!

    Love your blog. Added it to my Google Reader. PS-You are charging WAY TOO LITTLE for design. Your clients are getting an amazing deal & they betta recognize!!!

  2. Excuse me…Mrs. I think picturless posts are against the law. LMBO. Tracy

  3. Maegan says:

    Hey there stranger! Geez, I take a few days off from blog surfing and look what I find! Three posts from you! Now I am feeling like a slacker. :)

    I had a blog design question. Do you have gift certificates available? (I’m thinking Christmas gift). My SIL uses blogger and has NO clue how to create a banner herself. I would help her but Blogger is a complete mystery to me.

  4. Helen says:

    LOVE The Shot! I’ve been trying to get Val and Lisa to watch cuz I’m hooked on it too!!

    Did you watch Bachelor tonight??? I’m still shaking my head about that one….. like what EXACTLY did he go on that show to do????? Anyways….

    Yay on getting to work on more blog stuff… I’ve not blogged for a while and haven’t posted A SINGLE picture taken from my new camera, how lame is that???? I am lovin’ the camera though…. do you even know what I’m talking about or are you still avoiding my blog? LOL


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